Management Environment Conservation Economical Efficient


Our management is based on the principle and policy of environment protection. We strive to improve continuously in order to achieve comprehensive services. Which is how we expand our company from an individual retailer to where we are now.

To ensure we satisfy our customers, staff and the whole management team, we comply with the principle of economic, environmental and energy efficiency. Metal recycling is part of the solution to environmental problems. There are more than 4 million tons of scrap metal is recycled each year worldwide. This is an important industry, because recycling can save energy and protect the environment we live in. It can also facilitate the growth of metal manufacturing businesses, recycling industries and trading companies. Leading to more employment opportunities thereby helping the economy in the United States, even in China, India, Korea, and so on. We can create a significant industry with economic values.

The reason Aussins became one of the big scrap trading company is because we have a professional management approach. Therefore, all our employees know that it is a globally competitive industry. Along with a complete understanding of procedures, and the use of professional technology and clear market knowledge, we can achieve a high efficient cooperative team with competition mentality. We have created an efficient team collaboration in all levels, with perfectly seamless understanding of Aussins’s goal, which is to create a better planet with the industry.