Aussins Overseas is among the fastest growing dealers of Ferrous and Non Ferrous waste paper Globally

Sorted White Ledger (SWL)

Consists of uncoated, printed or unprinted sheets, shavings, guillotined books and cuttings of white groundwood-free ledger, bond, writing and all other paper which has similar fiber and filler content

Old Corrugated Cardboard/Containers (OCC)

Waste newsprint paper. Double-sorted OCC consists of used corrugated boxes generated from indoor industrial sources. The cartons are sorted at the source and again before baling to provide the cleanest and driest form of post-consumer unbleached Kraft available.

Old News Paper (ONP)
Consists of sorted newspapers and other acceptable papers as typically generated by voluntary collection and curbside collection programs

Waste Paper:

  • Sorted White Ledger
  • Old Corrugated Cardboard/Containers
  • Old News Paper